Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Garden of Mindfulness

As we journey through each day, every moment is cushioned by the preceding and the proceeding moments. This makes every moment a significant thread within the entire fabric of each day. Mindfulness in each of these moments is similar to a gardener taking care of each plant in their garden.

Every plant, like every moment, has a specific set of needs, requirements and elements of care that helps to nourish that plant to ultimate fruition. The soil, air and water all matter to the growth of each plant. And, just like with every moment, each kind of plant has a different outcome, fruit or flowers, or a different need it fulfills, like erosion control or shade.

Every moment is special, and mindfulness is taking care of each of these moments with care and attention, using all of our capacities, all of our awareness toward the ultimate fruition of each moment. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Momentary Moment

Whatever is going on with us right this moment is momentary. It may feel like we're stuck, but the situation is continuing to change.When we begin to see the true nature of our current situation, we take back our capacity to change our situation, or at least how we approach, think and feel about our situation. 
We have all that we need right here and right now.