Friday, June 7, 2013

In-between Hysterical Action, the Lax and the Lazy

Hysteria is possible in any moment. Hysterics expend mental, emotional and physical energy. Hysterics are also a distraction from the present moment. Often, hysterics is an extreme version of empty action, or worse, destructive action. There may not even be an objective for all this activity. There is a level of discomfort with the present and with our presence that generates the energy of hysterical action.

It is crucial here to not get caught up in labels. Most of us exhibit some level of hysterical action, and there are so many subtle ways this energy is dissipated. There are countless channels on cable or satellite, multiple updates to social media and our constant contact with our cell phones. There are an infinite array and degrees of hysterical action. There are even physical ways we dissipate this hysterical energy. We remain busy at home, sometimes unaware of what we’re doing or what we’ve already done. Hysterical energy helps us avoid being present.

Laxity and laziness can masquerade as being present as well. Understanding the difference between hysterical activities and laxity or laziness is difficult. Sometimes, we need to be active at home. There are activities that we need to do every day, and it can be easy to not expend any energy in maintaining our daily lives. Laxity and laziness are hallmarks of not being present or aware, just like hysterical action. There is a level of giving up on life when laxity and laziness takeover.

Sometimes, people think a lax or lazy person is doing nothing, but this is not the case. We are being lax or lazy when the mind, heart and spirit are not just taking a vacation; instead, the saying “why bother?” applies. The lax and lazy mind has learned a dangerous lesson. The lax and the lazy feel disenfranchised and not empowered. The potential in every moment is lost on those embodying this energy. Being lax and lazy is the absence of presence and having no engagement with the day.

Being lax or lazy has nothing to do with doing nothing. Doing nothing at all is something we should do daily, and we should do nothing with our entire presence and awareness. That is how we avoid laxity and laziness. We must focus our mind, heart and spirit completely on doing nothing if that’s what we’re doing. The act of doing nothing can be a very powerful and transformative experience.

We must also focus our mind, heart and spirit on anything we are doing. This is how we connect cause and effect, action and reaction in our daily lives. This is how we become more effective and efficient. If we’re not focusing our minds, heart and spirit in everything we’re doing, we’re missing countless opportunities for growth and transformation. This is not hysterical action; this is action infused with presence and awareness.

In examining both hysterical actions and laxity-laziness from a great distance, both are two sides of the same coin, “why bother?” buttressed with “nothing substantial going on here.” In anything we do and in doing nothing at all, we need to apply our mind, heart and spirit completely. This is the option of being present and maintaining our awareness. As we learn to apply ourselves completely, our lives grow and transform. As we begin to infuse our day with presence and awareness, we begin making a difference not only in our own lives, but in the lives of all we encounter. 

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