Friday, May 31, 2013

The Clouds and Peace Within Us

Oh, the plains of peace and serenity, how great it truly feels. Often, when we sit in the meadow, enjoying the soft grass under our feet, the warm sun on our skin, refreshing water from a fresh spring, we can see clouds in the sky and not think much of them. In these moments we’re in touch with our natural state of basic goodness, nothing can shake us. When those clouds darken and begin to push down from the sky, we have a few options; suffocation from fear & anxiety and wonder at the natural beauty of the coming storm are only two.

This is much like our life. We have all experienced that amazing moment of true peace. It’s like time stops, anything is possible. Then, the storm clouds come into view; these are our troubles, our fears. Fear and peace are possible in any moment. It’s our perspective on the current experience that matters. We don’t ignore the clouds, nor do we become consumed with what the clouds may mean for our plans. We recognize the clouds for what they are, as momentary conditions that will eventually pass.

The clouds were always there. Maybe, the clouds were on the other side of the horizon out of sight. Perhaps, they were so wispy we didn’t even notice. In fact, there are clouds in the grass; there are even clouds in you. Clouds produce rain which falls into the soil, which helps the grass and trees grow and flowers bloom. There are clouds wherever you look in nature. There are clouds in life as well. These clouds are as critical to our survival as they are for the meadow or for the spring.

When we begin to see everything within our life as critical to that life, everything becomes workable. The darkness and the light are dependent upon each other. In fact, they are the same. Yes, there are difficult moments. People suffer, people die. These are essential, like oxygen, water and food are essential for life. Some difficult moments can decimate our lives like a tornado or hurricane, even dislodging our very foundations. If we are blessed enough to survive, we can build a better foundation and a stronger more fulfilling life.

Certainly, we can experience sadness, depression, even anger for the losses, for the painful suffering we’re experiencing. However, we should see that our ignorance of the truth fuels the sadness, fuels the depression, fuels the anger. Ignorance takes a natural feeling and propagates it. It doesn’t allow the storm to rain upon the meadow and keep moving. Instead, ignorance keeps the storm raining down on us and doesn’t allow for the feelings to naturally dissipate. This creates emotional floods; we become consumed with what should be a momentary sensation and allow it to take over our lives.

Anything we’re experiencing, it’s understandable. We shouldn’t try to control it. This would be similar to trying to control the weather. We can, instead, see the difficulties as part of the beauty and certainly not something to fear. Despite not being able to see the sun, we know it is there, even in the darkest of nights. Life is amazing because despite pain, despite suffering, despite even our eventual death and the death of loved ones, all of this is part of what it is to be alive. It means we care at least as much as we hurt. And, within the darkest of moments, the light of awareness will shine once again. 

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