Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Taking Care of Joy

Joy comes from within. If we believe this to not be the truth, explore more. If circumstances are the source of joy, then why do some people in a group experience it while others do not? Why do some people seem to find joy so easily and yet it seems fleeting to some while others feel abandoned by it?

Joy is a natural spring from within us. It is an infinite reservoir, and, it is effortless to experience. We can all experience joy anywhere, anytime. Certainly, our conditions can help block or interrupt that joy from springing forth. Our minds, however, play an even greater role in blocking this joy-spring from opening up and flowing into and infusing our daily life. Understanding how the mind does this may help keep our joy light shining.

Joy naturally increases all types of energy as well as all types of awareness. Joy opens us up to the present and our presence. This is why it is such a powerful sensation. It can overwhelm us if we’re not open to this process.

The most contentious increase is in our personal mental energy. The mind attempts to hold onto the experience of joy because it just feels so amazing. If it achieves this, joy is transformed into elation or euphoria. These euphoric experiences can feel amazing, but the life expectancy is short. The energy simply burns up quickly and damages us in a multitude of ways; we wear out physically, we become frayed emotionally, our mind becomes exhausted.

Instead, we can allow joy to just be. Joy can naturally flow throughout our daily lives. Unobstructed and unhindered, joy can infuse the most simple and mundane of daily activities and elevate them to a level of open amazement. Truly, joy combines openness with mindfulness. If we’re truly present and paying attention, we can experience the everyday with exuberance. Joy can be found anywhere we are, we just need to get out of the way.

Even if we lessen our own interference, this doesn’t negate the potential interference from others. The reaction of those in our immediate vicinity can be highly destructive and obstructive to the natural energy of joy. This reaction is understandable as joy can often be as a blinding light to someone that’s been in a dark place for a considerable time. This is similar to having a bright light directed at your face after being asleep in the dark all night. It can sting.

Also, joy can appear confusing to others. The mind attempts to ascertain “what is going on here,” and depending on the person, this acquiring can be considerably damaging. Joy isn’t something that can be categorized, or really understood. It’s an energy that must be deeply experienced.

There is an even worse option. Some people actually don’t want to understand other people, instead seeking to snuff out the light of joy that emanates from them. We’ve all met someone like this. These people seek and destroy the joy of others. The joy and happiness of others is an affront to them.

Joy isn’t about anyone. It’s about this amazing experience called living in the present, being open to whatever is happening. It opens us up, and it makes everything we experience more workable. Joy is an amazing light of delight. We lighten up, and it’s like we’re dancing through life. That is what joy is. If we take care of our natural joyous state, we can do anything. The reactions of others may try to interrupt our joyous exuberance, but if we understand the pain and suffering and the ignorance that underlies those attempts, our joy can weather any storm.

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