Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Joy-Spring

The relative stability of our American society remains intact, allowing for the continued exploration of our beautiful world and our beautiful life. Remarkable, the serenity this exploration can impart on us, if we only allow the joy within to sprout and take root in daily life. The opportunities for joy are as plentiful as our willingness to explore this world and ourselves.

Increasingly, the joy in our hearts seems offensive to the sensibilities of others. Joy is a natural spring, refreshing us when allowed to flow freely, suffocating us when interrupted and blocked. It is the joy in our self and in others that we must stand up and protect.

It appears as if the wellspring of joy runs dry for many, but the spring will flow again with a light touch from care, attention and the power of awareness. With increasing distractions from technology and the quickening disintegration of our ways of living, we need this joy-spring more than ever.

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