Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making Action With Awareness

Making decisions is a critical part of our lives. Our role as decision-maker affects our existence as well as the existence of everyone else, if we’re aware of it or not.

Mostly, the decisions we make are fairly simple, like what to eat and where to go. At times, we feel compelled to make a difficult decision with predictable, direct and immediate consequences. When we make those difficult decisions, we should avoid resisting those results.

This is similar to eating something we know is going to have a physiological cost, and instead of just enjoying it, we fret about the unfortunate side of the equation. It makes no sense.

In the aftermath of decisive moments, we should avoid resistance to what we opted for through making a tough but necessary call. If we’re focused on the pain and suffering of what we opted for, we cannot freely experience joy or relief. We also leave ourselves ill-prepared for the potential and probable slate of unintended consequences to difficult action.

Resisting consequences extends the damage and the longevity of these in our daily life. Also, it leaves us ill-prepared for the potential and probable slate of unintended consequences to the initial action. Do not allow the slew of ramifications to dissuade us from action. The consequences of acquiescence and inaction have its own slate of pain and suffering.

Finding the best balance of action, inaction and the contemplation of both is a struggle in every day. Conditions change constantly, as the ebb and flow from one moment to the next is never ending. The only avenue toward resolution is our awareness in this moment, not with disregard to the past, but with absolute regard to right now.

We must strive to keep our awareness completely open and unrestrained by the fantasies of our future and the illusions of yesterday.

Let go of yesterday. Leave behind tomorrow. Remain aware in this moment. Act from awareness this day.

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  1. Decisions, Consequences, Balance and Awareness are all essential key factors to an abundant life of peace, joy, and meeting challenges! meg