Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Using Our Emotions As Another Sense

Our senses help us explore our physical environment. Our feelings are connected to what those senses gather but are not limited to sensory information alone; feelings are also connected to memory and experience. The items we remember can absolutely generate an emotional response.

Feelings can open us to the subtleties of life at the intersection our environment and ourselves. These feelings can act almost as an overlay over our daily life, highlighting potentials and resistance.

Certain things and places produce an internal response even if those things and those places are non-existent or not even here. When we try to link the way we feel emanating from something specific, we make a mistep in awareness. The feeling is not coming from outside of us; that feeling is telling us something.

If we attempt to label and separate emotions into positive and negative camps, we attempt to ignore a rich source of information. These emotions are just like physical sensations we receive from nerves firing throughout our body.

It is not bad that we can feel our fingers being burnt by something. The feeling of being burnt is not pleasant, but it is critical to limiting the damage to our fingers. We pull away with our hand because we know something is wrong.

Our feelings act in a similar way. If we feel sad, we feel anxious, we feel happy . . . our emotions are telling us something about this moment. To not listen to those emotions is like having nerve damage in your fingers; you don't feel the fingers burning until it's way too late.

Trying to block unpleasant emotions will produce similar results in your life. The damage that blocking emotions can create is much more difficult to heal and recover than burnt fingers. All of that emotional damage is usually not something you can point to and simply apply an ointment or cream. It embeds itself into your subconscious network like an emotional cyst. It's below the surface, and if you don't take care of it, it can create a real problem down the road.

We create these emotional cysts throughout our lives. The first key is to limit new cysts from forming within us. This means increasing our awareness of this moment. Then, once new damage is limited or cut off, it'll be easier to uncover these emotional cysts and heal them appropriately. Small steps.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beyond Senses to Open Moments

The present is an expression of the soul. Holding onto this moment is the only expression of time. When we relax and allow this moment to expire, we open up to any other moment, to any other possibility or potential.

This light we seek is but a glimmer of what is; it is but a glimmer of what surrounds us and makes us who and what we are. Something you see could never be the truth. Nothing you ever will hear or touch could ever be the truth. Sensory consciousness is not truth; it is but a glimpse into our anti-nature.

At our core, we are a raw opening; open to all, part of all. Our core seeks recognition through our senses; it seeks acknowledgement. "Yes, I exist!" At our core we are neither.

All we see, hear, touch, smell and taste is an expression of us, but only through our absence. When we seek with our senses alone, that is all we find. Imagine to seek other than what your senses could ever provide. It is other than that which is our true nature. May we open up to that true nature today.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mistakeness to Awareness

We may find ourselves mistaken today or that we've been mistaken up to this moment. The only chance of becoming unmistaken, is to apply effort and attempt awareness. If there is some other internal activity that can bridge the gap between then and now, do it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dissecting Loneliness, Exposing Love

I feel scared when I find myself wanting interaction but not wishing to inject myself into a situation to create that interaction. We find ourselves confused, disoriented at times in these situations. When we feel in this way, we dissect the confusion and clear away our unhealthy attachments, exposing the real love that lie beneath that attachment.

When you love someone, truly love someone, you're willing to let go of anything, including that someone, and all for that person's own benefit. The love persists, as you wish only happiness and joy; the good feeling persists, yet we know we must walk away and not insist on anything more or less.

This leaves us to fend for our own emotional selves. It is our emotions, after all, that are at the core of everything we feel, not at the love we have for others. No one can make us feel anything.

Yet, we feel alone at times; always to be the lone voice of reason, always to be and do better than we feel we really are. In those less than moments, we need to listen to our own voice of reason and we need to do the better thing for ourselves. That's how we take care of our loneliness, by taking care of ourselves.

The love we feel for people never wavers if it is true love. True love has nothing to do with what happens to us and for us. Love is about the genuine wish for someone to be happy and to experience joy. We deserve those for ourself as well; only we can deliver those into our daily life.