Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beyond Senses to Open Moments

The present is an expression of the soul. Holding onto this moment is the only expression of time. When we relax and allow this moment to expire, we open up to any other moment, to any other possibility or potential.

This light we seek is but a glimmer of what is; it is but a glimmer of what surrounds us and makes us who and what we are. Something you see could never be the truth. Nothing you ever will hear or touch could ever be the truth. Sensory consciousness is not truth; it is but a glimpse into our anti-nature.

At our core, we are a raw opening; open to all, part of all. Our core seeks recognition through our senses; it seeks acknowledgement. "Yes, I exist!" At our core we are neither.

All we see, hear, touch, smell and taste is an expression of us, but only through our absence. When we seek with our senses alone, that is all we find. Imagine to seek other than what your senses could ever provide. It is other than that which is our true nature. May we open up to that true nature today.

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  1. Our core is neither a raw opening or needing acknowledgment???? Being open to possibilities is essential to personal growth and opportunities.... I agree this is true...