Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dissecting Loneliness, Exposing Love

I feel scared when I find myself wanting interaction but not wishing to inject myself into a situation to create that interaction. We find ourselves confused, disoriented at times in these situations. When we feel in this way, we dissect the confusion and clear away our unhealthy attachments, exposing the real love that lie beneath that attachment.

When you love someone, truly love someone, you're willing to let go of anything, including that someone, and all for that person's own benefit. The love persists, as you wish only happiness and joy; the good feeling persists, yet we know we must walk away and not insist on anything more or less.

This leaves us to fend for our own emotional selves. It is our emotions, after all, that are at the core of everything we feel, not at the love we have for others. No one can make us feel anything.

Yet, we feel alone at times; always to be the lone voice of reason, always to be and do better than we feel we really are. In those less than moments, we need to listen to our own voice of reason and we need to do the better thing for ourselves. That's how we take care of our loneliness, by taking care of ourselves.

The love we feel for people never wavers if it is true love. True love has nothing to do with what happens to us and for us. Love is about the genuine wish for someone to be happy and to experience joy. We deserve those for ourself as well; only we can deliver those into our daily life.


  1. "I choose to feel peace by passing on peace."
    Interesting thoughts that require much focus on the words and meanings... Will take more time than just reading words once and then responding..

  2. Your words have a great depth and insight. Realizing that you deserve happiness and joy is an epithany. Yes, sometimes, you must wish one love and joy as they seek to find their own way. One cannot demand love..they can only give and accept it if freely given. meg