Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Embarking on the Considerative Process

The way we think about our life, other people and our surroundings is crucial in how we feel and what we experience. If we focus too much on our own experience, we lose touch with everything outside of our own self; if we focus too much on other people, we have minimal ability to take care of ourselves. Without due consideration and thorough analysis of our thought processes, we're not engaging efficiently nor effectively in transforming not just our own self but also our community.

It can be a worthwhile effort to consider and challenge the most simple and mundane aspects of life. If we've never given any consideration to our day-to-day activities, we're potentially missing efficiencies and not maximizing our effectiveness. Further, efficient and effective effort on the daily level is highly useful in maximizing our power on the "big" life issues.

When we're not stumbling over our own attempts at progress, our frustration level drops and the momentum builds to push us through and over those big obstacles we face. Also, the lack of friction with our day does not drag us down. Our day then becomes a renewable resource that we can utilize in achieving our objectives and goals.

This daily considerative process should be thorough without being harsh or judgemental. By exploring our daily routine, we have a laboratory in which to change variables and sort through the results. It is oftentimes difficult to link true cause to direct effect. Repetition, however, is bountiful in our daily life. Therefore, we can take note of the direct connection between our thoughts, feelings and actions with our daily life experience.

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