Saturday, November 20, 2010

Unrestrained Freedom Crisis

Structure, as hampering as it can be on new progress, is critical to building upon previous progress. Unrestrained freedom can yield very destructive consequences. Finding a balance between these competing principles is a constant struggle for us.

A productive, unsuffocated daily structure requires much maintenance and discipline as well as openness and flexibility. The objective is to create a dynamic system in which to live our life. The more complicated the system, the more intensive analysis necessary to maintain it.

That is why we're focused on creating the most simple system possible within the current social structure. Any life within modern day society requires intensive analysis, no matter how simple it is. Too much structure stifles a person. Too little destroys any progress.

It is the lack of an analytical arm in our daily activities that we've been missing. Without it, we've been adrift, momentarily finding valid points. Without structure and analysis of those progressive efforts, we're blind to the potential they offer us and others. We can do this. We must only try.

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