Saturday, November 20, 2010

Transforming Home into Healing

The alteration of atmospherics can be a huge distraction from making fundamental, substantial changes in life. There are a few atmospherics, however, that are fundamental to a productive and healthy daily life. The structure of daily home life is one of these fundamental aspects that can eliminate and degrade any positive, productive life output.

Home can be a source of stability, of instability or be entirely neutral as a resource. We must diminish these sources of instability at home. How we accomplish that decrease has been an ever-increasing struggle for modern humans. There are so many mounting issues and areas of distraction possible at home; this is where we begin our journey. Our goal is to have a space where we can renew our spirit and revive our body in every day of our life. The transformative potential in these efforts can be expansive and beneficial.

The mounting pile of valid concerns and ever-increasing issues appears too daunting to tackle alone and is quite individualized. For this reason we will concentrate on dimishining and eventually eliminating areas of distraction at home. When looking at homelife, there are a few obvious needs that we must deliver: rest, replenishment and recreation.

Rest has the appearance of being self-explanatory, yet, it is of the highest imperative to achieve, otherwise there will be no replenishment. Rest is critical to achieve anything substantial and lasting, so it deserves more than just a casual examination.

There are three aspects of our life that require rest: mental, emotional and physical. Without proper rest, none of these life attributes will act effeciently nor effectively. These three aspects intersect and inject everything we want to accomplish.

Mentally and emotionally, we must disengage the mind and the heart from the day's experiences. There are a variety of ways to do this. For some people taking stock of the day's challenges and triumphs can be a highly useful way to let go of the day before we rest. For others, this could become a source of obsession over the challenges and gloating over what we've overcome.

When we take stock of the day, we must avoid making any value judgements, positive or negative; we're taking an inventory in order to take note of what has happened or what hasn't happened, not to obsess and become a greater obstacle. Daily life can present numerous opportunities to tear ourselves down and feel terrible about our life. These are not productive ways of analyzing the efforts and results of the day. We must distance ourselves from guilt, shame and blame tactics, especially against ourselves.

Our efforts aim to disengage from these negative, tear-you-down attitudes and activities and bring the day to a close. If we want to feel terrible about ourselves, analyzing our day can absolutely yield increased terrible thoughts and feelings about ourselves. We must inject patience, compassion and understanding into this effort, or we lose the ability to fully rest our minds and our hearts.

If our mind is spinning out of control with no productive, beneficial results, then we're not resting whatsoever. Every activity leading up to rest and replenishment must be focused on just that. Through the exploration of alternative methods you will discover what works best for you. The key is to make home a renewable source of rest and rejuvenation in all aspects of your life. This is the foundation for transforming your life into a vessel that helps to transform our reality.

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