Friday, November 19, 2010

Beginning Anew

Here we begin anew our drive to rid this self of ignorance.

The daily grind can overwhelm our senses and our perceptions. Keeping all the balls we've decided to juggle in motion may require an enormous amount of mental, emotional and physical resources.

My daily life has become clogged with all this empty activity. We've lost our ability to focus, to drive and to consider anyone including ourselves; we've lost everything imperative to a successful, happy life.

We restart this adventure here and now. We will explore what distracts and dissuades us from this journey. We will be firm with our effort, yet remain patient with ourselves and others as we forge forward.

May we regain our focus and our drive to be successful and happy. May we continue to open others to the true happiness that is just beneath all that they see and experience.

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