Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Drawbacks and the Alternatives of the Elation Zone

Different states of mind are associated with both productive and destructive outcomes. One of the more challenging states of mind is the elation zone, where feelings of positivity are intense, enhanced and sustained. It alters our perceptions and our reactions as well as how we interact with both the environment and others.

We interpret the majority of data as being proof to sustain that elation zone. This elation zone feels as if the tide is high, and we've become immersed in the extraordinary and intense sensations that make up the elation experience. We're so thrilled about how good we feel, we neglect and elect to ignore what we're losing at the expense of gathering and attempting to hold onto that excited, vibrational state in our body/mind connection. Any excited state burns us out when sustained for an extended period.

This heightened state of awareness and action can certainly accumulate a mixed bag of results and effects. The constructive potential is high but so is the potential to destroy and tear down what we see or what we choose to ignore. Redirecting this raw energy can be a critical step in beginning to move forward with a more durable productivity.

If we change how we experience this raw energy, we can transform our present moment tremendously. Instead of directing it externally, we could have a direct experience and sit with the energy and get to know it, we'll learn to adapt it to our needs instead of becoming haphazardly rampant. The attempt here is to disengage the energy from undesirable and unintended consequences. We do not want to lose this personal power zone; we simply wish to channel and harness it effectively and effeciently.

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