Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Light of New Hope

The “New Year” offers an obvious example of the demarcation line between yesterday and tomorrow. Take the hopes, the dreams of your new year into every aspect of the new life that awaits you on the other side of now. We can always reach for better. We need only strive with all that we are in all that we do. Happy New You!

 As this year comes to an end, I’m amazed how far I’ve come considering how far I had fallen. Through it all, I never lost hope. Through all the disappointments, I never stopped believing in people.  Nor did my faith diminish.

No matter what we’ve experienced, what we’ve been through, if we’re still breathing, we have opportunity in every breath to start anew, to begin again. The struggles we face only expose what we have left to work with and through. Joy and happiness are with us always, as are pain and suffering. We can make the choice of how we experience our life and our world.

We can’t make choices for others, and, indeed, we are affected by others, but it is up to us how we respond. We can be a buoy or an anchor. We can be the light in our lives. The light that comforts us, guides us and shines always. No matter the extent of the darkness, the breadth of the suffering, the light of compassion, patience and understanding is always with us. Let that light shine into every breath you take, every action you take.