Saturday, August 21, 2010

Emptiness Talk

Mostly, what we see is only what we think we see, and what we think we see is not reality. If you breakdown what you think you see and try to find what you thought you saw, you won't find that object there at all. What we see is an illusion. This is the concept of emptiness as I loosely understand it.

If you try and point to what and where you are, can you do it? Say you cut off your arm, are you still you? Say you go blind, are you still you?

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  1. Emptiness can be the result of not being challenged to the capacity you are capable. ..or not feeling satisfaction in your job, career, friendships. Are expectations too high or too low?? To change outcome of emptiness feelings, one must fill vacuum with other feelings which are stronger; such as, contentment, gratitude, strength, and inner peace. w/L meg