Sunday, April 29, 2012

Living as if the Solutions are Here and Now

We all have problems that require real solutions. Sometimes, the problems are so daunting, so looming that any hope of solving these problems appears out of our reach and our control. Worse, we may not even imagine a solution could ever exist for some problems we experience.

There is another option: live life as if the solutions are living within us right here and right now.
Truly, any problems we experience begin and end in the mind. The mind observes the problem. The mind also holds the solution. Anything that starts in the mind also ends in the mind.

We may have no conscious idea of what a solution would look or feel like. However, if we act as if there is a solution and that we hold that solution within our life and our mind, we are creating the solution in our present. The actual solution may be obscured, but it is there; we have it inside of us, right here, right now.

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