Sunday, December 23, 2012

Falling in the Abyss

Usually when I write, I have some issue, concern or situation that confounds me, and I work myself through it through words, logic and some other-than guidance I could not hope to find on my own. This changes now.

I've been on a collision-course with a lack of objectives, lack of focus and lack of judgement. I have no words or logic that seem to be able to bridge this gap, to lift us out or through this abyss. I can no longer move forward in the usual monotone approach that has yet to produce much of anything of use for myself or for anyone else.

"As we fall, we learn to let go once again, trusting that the universe, that other-than guidance, will take us where we need to be and to do what we need to do." ---Bloomin' Lilacs

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