Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Cause-Effect Action-Reaction Existence

We have a large role to play in the external obstacles to thriving. People can act unilaterally regardless of what we do. However, being mindful of our role in what they do can diminish these external obstacles significantly. If we don’t think we affect the decisions, choices and behaviors of others, we need to explore the dynamics of our cause-effect and action-reaction existence.

Everything we do is both a cause and an effect; it is both an action and a reaction. Whatever we do, or even don’t do, is an action that precedes a reaction from our environment and others; it is a cause that precedes an effect. This seems simplistic, but often, some people don’t consider that all they do and don’t do affects others. A stone thrown into a pond has a ripple effect that can reach the entire pond.

Beginning to observe the results of our actions is the beginning of a much longer term process. There are immediate and short term effects as well as medium and long term results. Sometimes, we don’t see the impacts of our choices, especially if we aren’t aware there is an impact. These simple aspects of daily living are at the heart of the transformative potential in every day. If we begin to see the connections between what we do and how we are with the experience of our daily life, we can be more effective and targeted in all that we do.

It appears evident that what we do is a cause, but what we do is also an effect of a previous cause. All the choices and decisions we’ve made and not made have led us to right here and right now. These choices and decisions are the causes and actions that spawn effects and our reactions today. If we don’t see the connective tissue between then and now, between elementary school and adulthood, we haven’t been thorough with our explorations and observations. If we didn’t wake up, we couldn’t go to sleep at the end of the day.

All that is done becomes a cause of another effect. Once we’ve acted, the effect is primarily out of our jurisdiction. It sets off a chain reaction where effects become others’ causes. This cycle continues to proceed from before elementary school throughout adulthood. One choice leads to another choice leads to another set of choices. The previous moment leads us to this moment which sets up the next.

This all seems self-explanatory, yet many within our society do not consider the effects of their actions on others or their immediate atmosphere or broader environment. Mostly, the mind is preoccupied by pain and suffering. Most of our choices are based on our current and past states of pain and suffering buttressed with fears of future pain and suffering. The source of all of our actions and non-actions is the desire to be free of pain and suffering. The cause-effect, action-reaction cycle is the reason for all pain and suffering.

Our lives are within the midst of cause-effect, action-reaction. We are always in transition from the last moment to the next. We have a role to play in not only what we cause but also in how we react. We can instigate or we can de-escalate a situation. We can create an atmosphere of peace and calm or we can promote war and anger. The choice is up to us what we do and don't do. We need only open our minds to the reality that all of us are in this cause-effect, action-reaction cycle. We are all only trying to alleviate our pain and suffering. Yet, that pain and suffering is the reason for the cycle's existence.

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