Wednesday, September 11, 2013

To Here, To Now

I wake up in this present moment
Starting fresh, starting anew.
Not living yesterday, nor tomorrow
My mind, my body, my heart living today, so new.

When we find ourselves floating, no land in sight
The opportunities are endless, no reason to flight.
We don’t have to look for land, we need only look for now.
We are here, we are now, we are endless, we are bright.

Looking for sun, for rain, for calm and peace
We can be the source of all, within this moment’s reach.
We need only close our eyes to yesterday, shut our mind to tomorrow
Only then do we open to this day, to this beach always within reach.

Our life begins here, our life begins now
Or we can carry on yesterday’s burdens, tomorrow’s  as well
We can open to the present, we can open to now
Or we can be closed off to the magic of here, to the wow of now.

Don’t look for land, all we need is here
Within this life, within this breath.
We can do anything, we can be anywhere
But most importantly we need to be here, we must be now.

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