Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Light of Awareness

"a buoy in dark times keeps you afloat for the eventual sunrise"
There are simple activities we can do anywhere we are, in any situation we find ourselves facing and in any circumstances and conditions in which we reside. Why is it, then, that when faced with adversity, especially from fellow sentient beings, that all of our mental discipline, emotional awareness and spiritual presence become obscured so quickly and easily?

Dusk turns to darkness incrementally, and before we know it, we’re caught in the woods having forgotten our light. Sometimes we wander in the darkness, waiting for someone to guide us or for first light and the sun’s eventual rise.

We can shine the light of our innate awareness always, and when it’s most useful to do so, we forget how to guide ourselves. The light of awareness is with us always. We need only remind ourselves of this to have that light shine not just for us but for all others.

This is why training in strengthening our awareness and presence must become a priority in every day. Ultimately, we can strengthen these in every moment. We can become more available to resolving our problems and helping others to learn how to resolve their own.

We must use our mental discipline both joyfully and joyously. What a blessed pleasure to light our own way! Train in exposing your light of awareness and it will always be a thought and an intention away from shining bright even on the darkest night.

One of my most cherished writing experiences
I wrote in the dark on a bus in the middle of the night


  1. Is this yogic discipline or just the discipline of a dailymeditation?

  2. I'm sure there are many terms that strive to lead us in a particular direction. The mind wishes to run away, bring objects (i.e. people, places, things, ideas) closer and remain lax. Mental discipline comes in many forms to strengthen or weaken these inclinations that are based on attachment, aversion and neutrality. It can be focused in any way we choose. We could focus our mental efforts on moving beyond those three inclinations. It is impossible to describe what that is in words or actions that would ever make sense. It's something we must experience directly. However, words do strive to create a pathway that we can take in order to move beyond our inclinations and open up that direct experience that some would term enlightenment. In my belief, we are all enlightened beings . . . unfortunately, it's obscured by our ignorance.

    I strive to work these activities into my daily life. However, I constantly find myself minutes, hours, days and longer not having even realized I have once again allowed myself to become lost with obscured awareness. I don't punish myself for those moments of lack of presence because that does nothing but further obscure reality.