Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Screw Doubt, the Status Quo and Suffering

There can be no doubt while being present and aware. Doubt is an internal process that obstructs our awareness. We can only hope to open up to our innate awareness when we’re completely present. And, it is our presence and awareness that frees us from the shackles of our ignorance

We have to be okay with being mistaken, as it is the only pathway to being rid of it. Truth isn’t something we can ever learn; it is something we already are. What we must learn is to trust in our innate awareness once again.

Despite the potential for mistakes, which will absolutely happen, we have to let go of being right as much as we have to let go of others being wrong. It is our unwillingness to broaden our understanding and being curious of alternative perspectives that strengthens division and derision, first with ourselves but with others as well.

We can only ask to do more with each and every moment. This begins with ourselves and extends to our surroundings, ultimately spreading to others. Reverberations and reactions should be expected as part of the cause and effect nature of reality. However, if we maintain our presence and awareness, we will be able to learn, adapt and broaden our understanding in these aftereffect moments.

Removing doubt with the intention of expanding awareness and ridding ignorance is a very empowering and potentially transformative endeavor. We take this as lightly as we do seriously. None of what we do is to abuse ourselves or others. Our intensity and passion are wonderful and powerful motivating forces. Use this as momentum when the world becomes static or resistant.

The world is often a mirror of our self. If the reaction we’re experiencing from the world is creating unbelievable frustration and anger within us, this is usually a sign that we’ve become static and resistant. When this inevitably happens, “they just don’t get it!” seems to apply and anger begins to boil, this is the time to remember we take this as lightly as we do seriously.

Challenging our own status quo is very difficult. When we do that, we’re also challenging the status quo of everyone that is in our life. We must have patience for ourselves and for everyone else during such upheaval. When we do, it’s ok. When others do, that’s ok too.

If we continue to make the most of each moment, we will encounter difficulty. If we don’t, we will encounter difficulty as well. The only difference is our effort and willingness to adapt and learn. If we’re attempting to broaden our understanding, we at least have an opportunity to decrease our suffering moving forward. That seems worth the effort.

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