Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Awake Space of the Presence of Awareness

Our choices, past present and future, are all within us in this very moment. The future and the past are no more important than the present, but it is the present where we can make an active choice to be fully aware and completely awake.

When we make choices from the awake space of the presence of awareness, we can see more clearly where we've been and where we're going because we know where we are right here and right now.

When we begin seeking to benefit all others we encounter, the vibrant nature and extra-ordinary texture of every moment, every encounter, ever step, every breath and every beat begins to resonate throughout all aspects of our actions.

Our intentional living is beginning to spread. The reverberations echo into the distance wherever we go, and have been all along, that is karma. That is why the negative and destructive waves from before will ultimately be felt by us again . . . and thankfully so . . . so we can absorb what we could not before.

We no longer have to transmit our pain and suffering, our ignorance; onto others as we, our parents, families, our communities, our countries and our species have always done.

We can do something different.

By continuously opening ourselves to all people, especially those that actively attempt to harm us, at least emotionally and mentally, we show that we will not be dissuaded by petty antics of intimidation.

We can be something different.

By returning to that awake space, even after difficulty and adversity of experience, we can realize that we have always been this way.

We are something different. 

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