Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Setting Out on the Path of Ignorance Ridding

The goal of our every moment is to rid ourselves of ignorance. We take this goal very seriously. However, we cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in outcomes for ourselves or for others.

We will use these tools in this pursuit:
  • human interaction
  • contemplation
  • investigation of current thoughts and feelings

Human Interaction

This will be one of the most fertile grounds for ignorance ridding. Our belief is that everything in our entire lives, what we've ever felt or thought, has gone through only one thing, and that one thing is our mind.

Through human interaction, we will see our more subtle forms of attachment and expectation for others. We only wish for others to not experience pain or suffering, and embrace the happiness that is with all of us right in this very moment.

We have discovered that we expect our interaction to benefit others. That is an ignorant view that says more about us than about the benefit we wish for other people. We do not have any answers for other people. People have all the answers, all the understanding they will ever need.

Therefore, we must have all the understanding within us right now to ultimately rid ourselves of ignorance. Our own ignorance is the only item that stands in the way of understanding.


Contemplation is going to be what we will do our best to expose here. Thinking and feeling these fuzzy ideas and sensations is wonderful. However, if those ideas and sensations are not productive, that must be exposed. Contemplation is our vehicle for exposure of ignorance; and having a correspondence with our own ideas and feelings is what contemplation is all about.

You will note that we often use plural pronouns. We are one entity, but this one entity has many contradicting ideas and feelings. We believe everyone experiences contradiction. Assist us in ferreting out what is ignorance-based contradiction from what is natural contradiction.

Investigation of Current Thoughts and Feelings

This does run parallel to contemplation and definitely involves human interaction. However, mostly this will occur away from this space, as we are not actively interacting with others. We will bring that investigation in its most raw form to this space. You will soon see how much ignorance we truly do have within us.

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