Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Age of Death by a Thousand Cuts

Once a person is in the cross-hairs, anything and everything they do can be shredded and parsed. Maintaining objectivity becomes terribly difficult.

I remember in 2004 when George W Bush won re-election. I was freaking out about the future of the nation. I watched every communication out of his Administration and shredded it, pounced on it, outraged upon it. Early into 2005, I realized I had to stop . . . for not only my own well-being, but for the well-being of the country.

I made George W Bush my Patient Zero for generating understanding, patience, and compassion. I stopped doing Death by a Thousand Cuts, as that only served my ego and not for the progress for America. This is the Age of Death by a Thousand Cuts. It’s a painful one. It’s why I was so outraged in 2004, and why nearly everyone is so outraged today.

Instead of us talking and discussing about how to resolve our common problems or how to make progress as a country, a society and a culture, we’re relegated to this blame/scream fest. If you’re in the middle, as I am, it can be disheartening. Many just stay on the sidelines instead of engaging because the fever on both sides is so high and the pitch is so intense.

I maintain my objectivity, mostly, and remain non-reactive, emotionally. This is through years of mental and emotional training. I am out to learn.

I’ve been mistaken my entire life, even up to this very moment. I do wish my words to be as correct as they can be to make my intentions clear.

This is an engaging and energizing process because I’m learning. I appreciate each and every word you all write. Thank you!

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