Monday, November 3, 2014

Wake Up to Our Natural Ability

I think the reason hurt persists for some is in trying to suppress it instead of understand and really feel it.

When we are emotionally or even physically hurt or wounded, there's a reason for it. I mention physical wounds for a reason . . . if you don't know where the wound is, say a splinter, it can be difficult to impossible to remove that splinter and to begin to heal.

It's the suppression of our feelings that takes reasonable emotional pain and turns into persistent and chronic psychological conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

Our modern day society has taught us to suppress our feelings not because it is healthy to do so but I would suggest because emotional openness can trigger emotional responses of others through what are called "mirror neurons." These mirror neurons are how human beings feel and relate with not just one another but with animals and even objects.

Our minds are these amazing vessels that are wired to help ourselves and to help others. There are elements within our society that are more scared of the prospect of everyone waking up to that truth because their control of others would end.

When we wake up to our natural ability to benefit the well being of others, anything is possible.

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