Monday, June 7, 2010

Focus on the Process, Not the Answer

Part of what makes our process so fulfilling is that it hasn't been forced upon us by anyone. We have been systematically and relentlessly ferreting out our process for years. Beginning before we even had a clue what it is we were doing here.

We truly were blessed with this curious mind and our life has given us ample evidence that one answer is useless because it never fits all questions. That is the basis for focus upon the process, the lack of one size fits all.

Others simply do not have the confidence in that process that we have developed and continue to develop daily. How could anyone have confidence in it, as our own confidence ebbs and flows worse than the tide?

What we have is not substantial or stand alone. It's a process that is completely dependent on our mind, no one else's. If we're attempting to tell a person something they do not know, we can never expect or anticipate what will, if anything, come of it.

We have a belief that we can figure this out, right here and right now. No reading or writing is ever necessary to gain understanding as all we ever experience goes through within. The key is to keep at it, keep questioning the reasons for the results coming from our actions and our intentions. If we keep attempting understanding, there's at least hope we may get the job done someday.


  1. Curiosity is necessary for understanding.. I believe that there is too many who have minimal curiosity of their world, environment, politics, community and this is a problem for our future problem solvers. When people are so self absorbed that they are not interested in our world, ignorance is the outcome. meg

  2. However, the answer is more important than the process when the answer is the result of consequences and reckless process because that is also a result of self-centeredness. The process is meaningless if harm is caused as a result of ignoring expected answers. Both the process and answers are directly relevant to choices, self-discipline, and self-control. The ultimate process and answers are results of respect for self and others.