Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life Hurts, Mind Acts

My whole life hurts today. Body, heart, mind. I really have no answers for myself any longer. Being around and interacting with others seems to help my immediate experience, but the affect has no lasting power.

I feel such a heavy weight of desperation. The despair and hopelessness are truly overwhelming. I seem to have given up on this life, which seems very odd because our wish is to seek enlightenment. That objective seems to be obscured by what we're living side by side with this day.

It's highly entertaining to us that all these outside people remark on how we see the good in everything, everyone and every situation. Why can we not see that about ourselves?

It seems obvious at this moment that we'll never get any understanding from anyone else. So, we're going to find this understanding from within ourselves. Our mind is the only way we experience this life, this day. Our mind is all there really is of this life. That is the truth. So, the answer and the problem lay within.

We begin to see the workability of our situation. It was our fundamental ignorance that led us to this point. Our ignorance provides the path in which to rid ourselves of ignorance. We only suffer because we are ignorant. Give us the courage to let go of what's been done, deal with what is and walk mindfully into tomorrow.

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