Friday, July 9, 2010

Seeing the Real Enemy as Our Own Ignorance

Do we see people as good or bad? Either way, we require them to be different than they are today, and that is what creates our suffering mostly. How unfair, how painful a world we carry with us and share so freely with reckless abandon.

Amazing how we light up for those we think we know or want to know and do nothing for those we do not even see! The people we've had more difficult interaction with we shun, or worse yet attack or sabotage.

We need to let go of these fairy-tale stories. Might we not get so caught up when truly terrible things are said to anyone, especially ourselves? Any wounds caused by words are self-inflicted, afterall. People that know themselves are impervious to such disrespect done in words and name alone.

How can any assistance on the verbal aggressor ever correct the real source of the issue for the perceived victim? These aggressors note personal weakness and exploit it to control their subject. Should we not thank them for exposing this for us with no physical harm befalling our body?

It is difficult to listen to someone belittle or demean someone to whom we have a personal connection. However, we are not always going to be there to fend off these sort of attacks. Might a better long-term strategy be the rooting out of the issue within our friend?

It is impossible to control what people say without stomping on their personal freedom. The only way to exact total control is through physical control, and then we become the aggressor. If these verbal aggressors do not receive the reaction they are after, most likely they'll move on to another student of life.

Regardless, we can be there to soothe the exposed old wounds of our friends, and find a way to heal the weakness inside. The weakness is our own ignorance, and ignorance is not what any of us are.

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