Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frightening World, Scary Me 2

Letting go and not wanting more is succumbing to fear.
I believe just the opposite. What is it that you can hold onto right now that will be with you when you're dead? What more do you need right now that you can have without taking that from someone else or causing anyone pain? To me, it sounds like the fear is yours, not mine. It is a completely understandable position though.
What a person does yesterday is important. It is significant. Because yesterday involved learning and growing and courageously trying to improve oneself and one's community, and one's ability to contribute to the betterment of tomorrow. How selfish to think that only today and this moment matters.
What a person does yesterday is as important as you're attachment to it.

Many people have killed people and lived to do amazingly good things for others in the future, even saving people's lives. Other people have done so much good in the past, yet today terrorize and spread hatred and bigotry. Which person here is the good person by your method? The one that did good yesterday, or the one that did good today? I believe both to be good, irrespective of yesterday or today.
Thank goodness that our great scientists, leaders, and teachers have believed that tomorrow is significant to the quality of life of each individual. Thank goodness our doctors and laborers believe that tomorrow is worthy of their efforts, and that a quality life is an admirable goal. Are you certain that one's thoughts are more important than one's actions??
Great scientists have created more death and devastation on this planet than anything else. What has led to all this additional, toxic pollution in the world? It's misuse of technology. Despite scientists' greatest aspirations for their work, anything can be used as a weapon or can yield destructive and constructive results.

Look at current world leaders as well as throughout history. Leaders constantly make decisions that have led to the unforeseen death of people, animals or plants, sometimes in order to save other people's lives. Does any good come from loss of life? Absolutely. Does any good come from allowing nature to take it's course? Absolutely.
Do not let fear keep yourself from a productive life for yourself. If you allow yourself to think that even a brief, mortal existence isn't worthy of wanting to be a significant part of society, then that is a destructive path in itself. It does not matter what other's definition of a successful life is. It matters if you are using your talents and abilities to make some positive difference. What matters is that you do move forward!
Again, this fear is your fear, not mine. All of our lives produce something, and that's everything that we consume. What we consume cannot be consumed by others until we shit, piss or sweat it out.

We are a significant part of society just living, breathing, eating and shitting. Why do you think sewage and trash are some of the largest social issues affecting modern-day society in America? Because we all want so much and do not realize that wanting so much, having so much means that we litter the world with our shit.

The key, we believe, is to not get caught up in making a positive difference, but to do good now. Getting caught up in the atmospherics of some fairytale future seems a good way of exhausting our talents and abilities uselessly. Moving forward comes at a high price, either for ourselves, for others or for our planet.

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  1. Your cynicism is showing!! The pendulum swings both ways in positive contributions and negative ones. I dare you to argue the work of scientists to create vaccines against polio, malaria, and name a few. Their lifetime efforts of research and development were worthy endeavors. Can you state that works of literature that have taken years to write in order to teach and challenge thought of the reader wasn't a worthy endeavor? Can you believe that our best composers who took years developing their talents to compose great music for which generations would continue to enjoy were not contributing valuably to society?? I continue to believe that only being concerned with the moment and now is immature and irresponsible.W/L meg