Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Process of Misunderstanding

Are you encouraging a difference of opinion or seeking a regurgitation of your own views??? Of course, I was not comparing myself to composers, scientists, etc. That was used as an analogy. I didn't think there was right or wrong answers when one comments their own opinion... My opinion is different than yours!
I'm encouraging understanding and patience. You obviously feel very strongly about your own opinion. I make every attempt to go beyond right, wrong and otherwise. I most assuredly bungle that in every interchange. That does not mean I should stop making every effort going forward.

You are commenting on the ideas I've expressed and that I currently am engaged in with my mind and my life. I appreciate every one of these comments, as it exposes to myself what aspects of my process that require a more intensive analysis and further delineation.

If you come to an initial understanding that someone has misunderstood what you're attempting to describe, would you not make every attempt to rid the exchange of that misunderstanding?

These are all words, and words do have meaning beyond the simple definition. Words have power from our own history, a history that others sometimes do not share. It's like reading any of this to someone who does not speak or understand English whatsoever. These are just words; they are truly meaningless by themselves. It is the intent and the perspective behind the words where the truth resides.

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