Monday, September 13, 2010

Frightening World, Scary Me

I am frightened. This world is so scary. I am so scary.

Our power is even more terrifying than anything or anyone you will ever meet. We have this raw energy that can lift us up, tear us down or dissipate like a puff of smoke into a cloudy sky. What we do with this power is as important as what we do not do with it.

As frightening as our modern day life truly is, it pales in fright to the destruction we alone can wage upon others and to our world. The capacity to be constructive requires the destruction of something else.

To lead a constructive, powerful life we must destroy our self, our self-pity as well as our passion to see to it that we never rise so far to ensure we never fall too far or too hard. How we handle our fear is how we handle ourselves.

Could letting go of all of it be the way forward? Letting go of wanting more for our life; letting go of wanting to give more in our life; letting go of this immortal view of our brief, mortal existence. Can we consider letting go of all movement; forward, backward, up, down even letting go of standing still?

The way forward is nowhere. It is right here, right now. What we do tomorrow does not exist today. What we did yesterday does not even exist today. It matters only what we do this moment; it is the only moment that exists, and it could all be taken from us with little or no effort.

With our expiration date obscured, our past obscured and our future nowhere to be found, our life is completely in our mind right now. It is more about how we feel and think about what we're doing than anything we've ever done or could be doing. Anything beyond thinking and feeling as a benchmark for a successful life seems absurd.

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  1. I strongly disagree with your thoughts today. Letting go and not wanting more is succumbing to fear. What a person does yesterday is important. It is significant. Because yesterday involved learning and growing and courageously trying to improve oneself and one's community, and one's ability to contribute to the betterment of tomorrow. How selfish to think that only today and this moment matters. Thank goodness that our great scientists, leaders, and teachers have believed that tomorrow is significant to the quality of life of each individual. Thank goodness our doctors and laborers believe that tomorrow is worthy of their efforts, and that a quality life is an admirable goal. Are you certain that one's thoughts are more important than one's actions?? Do not let fear keep yourself from a productive life for yourself. If you allow yourself to think that even a brief, mortal existence isn't worthy of wanting to be a significant part of society, then that is a destructive path in itself. It does not matter what other's definition of a successful life is. It matters if you are using your talents and abilities to make some positive difference. What matters is that you do move forward! W/L meg