Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reality, Memory and Remembering

What is reality? What really is happening? What has already taken place? What will happen tomorrow?

Reality is not something that anyone can ever pin or nail down with any certainty of accuracy. Reality does happen, though. It is memory and the process of remembering that alter our impressions of our past and distorts reality.

One can never reclaim a past reality, nor have that reality interact with our present mental state without altering the initial memory; our mental reality is always in flux.

There are no constants in the mind except for the stubborn view we have of our self. And, self does not exist outside of your own temporal experiences. There is nothing that exists outside of anything, everything and nothing. All three are the same and dependent on the others to exist.

When we begin to hold onto our storylines, we lose present perspective, our present actions lose focus and our intention becomes clouded by our distorted views. This is the fallacy of reality, memory and remembering. The only truth with and in the past is that it's not the here and the now.

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