Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fear, Suspense and The Peace of Patience

As we stand up and our vision begins to take form, the fears begin to swell. The terror we sometimes feel in these beginning moments is palpable; it feels ubiquitous. The urge to revert back to defensive and destructive ways of coping returns. The comfort and security that allowed us to stand back up have only been covered up yet again, and not by others, by ourselves.

The swelling clouds of internal fear prompt inaction, and the suspense of inaction seems deafening. This is an attack from all directions; internally by our fears, externally by doing nothing. This is an assault by our fear and our senses to block our basic goodness from taking hold. Simultaneously, it fights the renewal of our spirit, and it is our spirit which keeps us on our feet.

It is in these fragile first steps toward action that we must constantly apply patience and not become dissuaded by mental gymnastics and emotional tactics. Through patience, we can renew and clarify our vision. Through patience, we find peace.

Patience is not in-action; it is not re-action either. Patience requires sustained effort, mentally, emotionally even physically. When uncertain of what to do, apply patience as patience will lead us to our on-the-go oasis, peace.

Active patience creates a place of refuge and renewal that we always have just within reach. In the fields of fear, in the deserts of inaction, and in this very moment there is peace; we need only to be open to it.

When the fears of action overwhelm us and the suspense of doing nothing pains us, generate patience and experience peace now and again.

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  1. How true that patience is necessary to experience peace... So many times, chaos exists and conflicts are created without much warning. If we allow ourselves to have our moods and peace constantly in the reaction mode, we will continually find ourselves on that same plateau. When we realize that life's events can just as easily revert back again from the chaos, one should ask why permit the stress. The only one who can create internal peace is yourself.... meg