Saturday, January 12, 2013

Leaving the Prison of the Powerless

We are never powerless. As long as our mind is active, we are powerful. We can change our perspective of our situation at any moment. Instead of limiting conditions, we can see limitless options.

All that we do is directed by our mind, so the management of our mind is critical. We do not have to be directed by our situations or by our conditions; we can reverse all equations; we can instead direct the situations and manage the conditions.

When considering ourselves powerful instead of powerless, countless seemingly impossible situations begin to come to mind. Sometimes, tragic, traumatic events happen to us. Sometimes these end with our death. When the end result is not death, we retain our power. The power we hold is our life. We are capable of anything. If we begin to fear everything and everyone, we lose that power.

We can build a skyscraper or we can demolish a building. We can plant a tree or we can cut it down. With the demolished building, we can re-use the materials left behind; we can also utilize the land in a better way. With regard to the tree, we can turn it into firewood, paper or building materials. Destruction does not have to be a negative.  What we do with what we have is up to us and perspective is the path to knowing what to do.

If we’re in prison, we find ourselves in one of the most powerless situations. Still, we are not powerless, even there. The relationships formed with other inmates, with the correctional officers is crucial in our survival or our demise.  Once again, it is how we think that governs what we do. The prison might be our body or some chronic illness. The relationships we have with our family, friends and support staff become keys to healing.  Or, the way in which we view our sickness can increase the pain and suffering as well. It is up to us.

It is what we do with the prison that is our conditions that is important. Instead of limiting, we must begin to see it as limitless. We are truly only limited by our mind. Take back the power and you unlock the door. Take back your life and you can do anything.

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