Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The One Year New Testament Pledge

I am an open-minded individual, with fairly divergent, challenging views of life and its interaction with the world.

During a Christmas service recently, I was so moved that I felt compelled to re-affirm my faith and take a One Year New Testament pledge. This means, you read the entirety of the New Testament in the space of one year. Each day’s scripture reading is laid out clearly, and it really is a very short daily reading. Anyone can do this.

A few people might be relieved at hearing this; others may be concerned by this change. I say to both, if we truly want to challenge ourselves, we must challenge all assumptions and all beliefs. It will become clear as I take this challenge, with full force of my intention and action, what there is in the New Testament that can be useful, vital and even necessary in the new life I’m building.
To aid in my own pursuit, I am going to write an article a day on the daily New Testament scripture. This article will include what is called SOAP.

  • Scripture (Just where you can find it in the Bible)
  • Observations
  • Applications
  • Prayers
I, as always, appreciate any dialogue on this journey. My initiative is one of openness and honesty, no matter how it makes me appear to anyone. That is not easy, for me, and probably isn’t going to be easy for some of you. Look at it as a journey.

Anyone can do this. Why don't you? Regardless of your beliefs, this is a vehicle for greater understanding of others' faith.  Maybe, it will yield results you couldn't fathom right now.
Why not try something new this year?

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