Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Blocks to Clear Vision

Seeing clearly is a key to clear action. Clear action is not muddled by our attachment or aversion. Attachment and aversion are reactions that our mind takes to move us toward or away from something. This movement doesn’t have to be geographical; it can also be an emotional or mental movement for or against a person or an idea. It is that movement that makes seeing what we’re moving toward or from difficult.  If we do not see clearly, any action we take will also not be clear of that attachment or aversion.

For the purpose of this exploration, the object of mind can be a person, thing or idea. The object of mind is what we are reacting to, and it is that reaction that we are to explore. By exploring that reaction, we explore our own self, as that reaction is all our own.

Usually, we consider the reaction to be from the object itself and not of our own creation. This is mistaken, an understandable mistake. If this does not seem accurate, explore it completely.

People can inspire irritation, aggravation, lust, attraction. People also push our buttons, sometimes on purpose, mostly on accident. The only way we can begin to remove these buttons is by realizing others do not actually push these buttons; we push our own buttons, using the object of mind as a scapegoat.

It is far easier to react to someone than realize someone’s humanity or conditions. Our own conditions govern our attachment and aversion, and so do conditions govern others’ actions and behaviors.

In the midst of reacting, how can we disengage our attachment toward or aversion against the object of our mind? This takes attempting to not react blindly, again and again, and exploring the attempt, the reaction and the conditions. It seems laborious, but if we keep trying to understand why we are the way we are and why we do the things we do, we will make progress. The key is to use a light touch as we explore. We may find as we explore our own reactions some understanding and patience for others.

We didn’t get to where we are and what we’re doing overnight, and we’re not going to repair our vision overnight. This takes repeated effort. If we don’t make the effort, we’re succumbing to our conditions, muddling our actions and ignoring reality.

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