Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Follow Through on Love ***

S. Matthew 1: 1 - 25

O. My immediate observation is one based in confusion. Why list the descendants of Jesus, leading to Joseph, when Joseph is not the father of Jesus? Is it because of filling some prophecy, saying 14 descendants to David, 14 descendants to the Babylonian Exile, and 14 descendants to the Messiah? It confuses me to list all of these when Joseph is not the father.

A. One of the most difficult aspects of relationships is the humanity found on both sides. Initially, Joseph wanted to run upon discovery that his Virgin wife was pregnant, and he knew the unborn child could not possibly be his. Everything that would be said about him, about her and about the son-to-be would make life difficult with Mary.

   An angel came in a dream to explain how special this child would be. To me, it seems Joseph must have had a profound love for his wife, Mary. He wanted to believe her, that she was still a Virgin, and that the child was conceived by Holy Spirit. All he needed was an extra push by the Angel to follow through with that love, to follow through with that plan.

   How do we apply this teaching? Trust Love. Trust doing the right thing. Sometimes, we don’t get the added push by an angel to do the right thing, to trust in love, even through the most challenging of circumstances.

   Sometimes, all the fears we have of what others think of our faith and our beliefs need to be set aside. Follow through on the Love. The Love that God shared with us with his Son, Jesus. It is Jesus that allows us to move beyond our sin and focus on our love of others. Even from the very beginning, Jesus began to share this beautiful truth with us. Love.

P. May I trust more in Love today. May I not be dissuaded by fear as I start upon this path. May I have the strength to persevere, always.

The Next Scripture: Matthew 2: 1 - 23

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